The Privileged Gamechangers

As the rain patters against the windows outside, I hug my bolster, sip on some good coffee prepared by my sister, feeling all warm and snug on the couch, I am feeling nothing less than privileged this Sunday afternoon. 

The week has been a frenzy- 


Sunday was Project We Care Istana Garden Party for beneficiaries and volunteers from Community Centres all over Singapore to celebrate a day of fun, food, games and performances. I am one for festivals, visiting various art festivals or celebrations every weekend, so skimming through the photo booths and watching the gigs and performances was an enjoyable and familiar feeling. But the width of the smiles on the beneficiaries’ faces as well as the twinkle in the eyes of the children from low-income families was a sight to behold, I realised that this could be their once in a lifetime opportunity and I could only imagine how fortunate they were feeling, how much they were appreciating this experience. And there and then, I was overwhelmed, feeling privileged


And RGS Room to Read Chapter held our first ever Speakers’ Session at RGS EN Hall this Wednesday- we had the Singapore Chapter chairperson, CEO of the Girls’ Education Programme and our lovely beneficiary come down to speak with us after a short film screening of very insightful youtube videos our page will share in time: 20 odd RGS girls and alumnae took our steps towards awareness of the power of education through the stories of the girl above who’d do anything to pursue the education that would change her life and through the courage of those who fought alongside her to work for her education with her. The courage and strength of those in the hall that day was inspiring and it makes me ashamed of the times I dread going to school when it’s my privilege. 

I am reminded that there are many privileges that I receive because of my fortunate family background and the lifestyle that I lead is one that many less fortunate desire. The awareness comes with a tinge of sadness to recognise to cruel reality that ‘our world is unfair’ but in time, I have come to feel empowered because in this rigged game of society, we (the educated ‘elites’) are the very gamechangers. 



12 thoughts on “The Privileged Gamechangers

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