The Start of True Empathy



This is me a blindfold lunch during Interact camp- you don’t truly know what you’re lucky to have until you have to do without it.

Forgive the double posting, today I’d like to tell you more about RGS Chapter: Room to Read’s first Speakers’ Session happening this Wednesday, 12 March. 

We have had the luxury of inviting two speakers’ involved in Room to Read’s Girls’ Education Programme come down to RGS (which is, by the way, the only local school they’re visiting) to share a little about their experience and their story. We will also be screening Girl Rising, a film about girls rising from poverty through the access to education. Much will be shared about how you may get involved regardless of school or age, so come by RGS Hall @3-430PM this Wednesday to learn more! Indicate your attendance at 

I have a theory about listening to people’s stories- in our lifetime we can only learn this much and with the time we have, there’s only so much we can do and experience. So the way to multiply what you know and learn, is by listening to the wisdom of others and learn from their stories. I think it’s a pity this experience that will necessarily incite understanding and empathy may not get as much response as it should and could, because of the little time we had to put it in place. So if you really don’t know where to start to try understanding something larger than yourself, this is a good place to start and we welcome everyone regardless of institution to come join us! 

I really could go on about the reasons this speakers’ session is one not to miss, but eventually you decide what meaning you’d like to give to that 1.5 hours this Wednesday, it’d be nice to see you there.


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