The School Life


Two months into JC and I’ve had the luxury of meeting so many interesting people and sharing great memories with many– I think I could get used to this. (Except reality is academics will soon overthrow my current take-it-easy regime). The highlight of the month has been participating in Spirit Week games and being part of Dramafeste 2014. I think it’s these opportunities, coupled with the people they allow me to meet that makes me appreciate school life that much more. 

Today I’d like to talk about what makes me wake up to go to school everyday. There is a simple misconception, I think, that to be successful in school (or even life) is to pass all your exams with flying colours or get a 4.0 GPA which is virtually impossible for the majority of the student population. And so I’ve learned, that if I defined the value of my school life by that, I’d be studying everyday, crying at my grades, then repeating this cycle until I realise that I’ve done nothing more than pursue a meaningless set of numbers that in no way could define the whole me. 

Everyday in school I meet countless of talented people, some with ambitions that inspire me and others pursuing everything they love with each second. But then there are also a fair share of just as talented people, who are too caught up in that idea that they kill every bit of creativity and freedom they have left for themselves by believing that they’re successful if they sacrifice every other part of their identity for a number to label themselves ‘smart’. Unless smart an adjective that will satisfy your whole self and your search for self-identity, spend more time doing everything else you love but study.

Of course, I’m not saying we should burn all our books and disregard education. I treasure education and I take my grades seriously. But I take the things I love just as seriously and they deserve my time just as much. And if you step backwards just a little and see more of the picture, maybe you’ll realise the things you love to do and studying (since we are students after all) are just side by side, and the simple way to let them comfortably coexist in a life you’ll more likely find fulfillment in, is this little treasure called time management. 

The education that we pursue should not just be about the A grade or the numbers separated by a slash, the true success would be the journey of self-discovery and pleasure, and only some can truly achieve that. I’m thankful our school offers opportunities to do just those things and I plan on maximising these platforms for the next two years, so that I wake up going to school or downing caffeine on mornings with a smile on my face. 

Now, meet the people I’ve worked with from dramafeste! 




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