Taking 5 to Appreciate

Since I’m at it tonight, I decided to say a little more, HAPPY FRIENDSHIP APPRECIATION DAY! Take 5: the super awesome fun-in-the-sun getaway from school and have loads of quality time with friends chill out on the beach, was supposed to celebrate a healthy lifestyle and commemorate friendships (trying to make this less about gender and valentine’s).

And I just wanted to say that I’m truly thankful to have these people close by. We often think we have to right to things that we have, the right to have fun in the beach, the right to a picnic with loads of food, the right to access to quality education and a comfortable life. We do, I suppose since we were born in the circumstance that allows it, but sometimes I like to think that, we were lucky to have that right and at the end of the day it’s wasted if we aren’t thankful. If we don’t feel grateful for it, that right was wasted on us. 

Plus it’s silly to assume we have the right to everything because what’s so great about you anyway?

So today, also, I thank:

ImageThe ones who watch me grow for four years and still love me somehow.


The ones ten times smarter and stronger than me but still appreciate my company all the same.


The ones who have faith in everything that I do, especially the things that I make. They’re surer about my work than I am.


And especially the ones who’re younger than me but give me strength to do whatever I love.


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