One Day, it Wouldn’t Matter

“A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.”
Joseph Campbell

It is difficult to remember that little things like tripping over nothing, forgetting to bring something out, forgetting what I did last Tuesday, having nothing to do for a day; doesn’t matter as much as it may seem to in this particular moment, since the best things we leave behind aren’t these little things but the larger things that they become.

Of the little things that don’t matter but I overdramatize often, I think the hardest to cope with is losing friendships. It’s hard to remember that these memories aren’t as important as who we’ve become because of each other.

I find it difficult to cope with losing friendships and people because the relationships have so many memories and emotions encompassed in them. But I suppose I can try to convince myself that at the end the memories remain in our hearts and those emotions once felt were great while they lasted, and that part would matter as much as it’s a pity the person is gone now.

And I guess, also, that I can convince myself that the miracle that we’ve crossed paths is something fortunate that I should be grateful for. I can also convince myself that it’s magical it even happened in the first place. I suppose that’s as optimistic as a loss can be perceived so bye, and enjoy the music!


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