I Heart NLB

I Heart NLB

This afternoon I spent a good six hours in the National Library, and it’s the fourth Sunday in a row I’ve been here- browsing through the endless collection of history books leaving with information overload each time.

It occurs to me that I’d never be able to read all these books and remember all that information even if I spent my entire lifetime staying in this library, just this level alone. Needless to say, the entire library’s worth of books would be impossible to finish. And that just goes to say how much we have preserved within the compounds of every public library that we have such easy access to.

I remember how I used to be in Library Service CCA in my first two years of secondary school; that was 2 hours a week just chilling in the school library, shelving the endless rows of books, pushing in the chairs that keep coming back out. It was only when I went through those two years that I actually realised how much resources we had kept within our library.

So, anyway, today I celebrate libraries. We are so lucky to have them.


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