There’s this thing about visiting the homes of distant relatives you only meet about once a year, if not just a little more than once. It’s beyond the festive spirit coupled with the superstitious belief that all must wear smiles throughout these three days for it is only auspicious this way. It is especially the fact that this period ensures that blood-related family, sharing the same culture, history and ancestors, make time to come together and celebrate the family. 

I may only meet these people once a year, some I barely even talk to within the awkward ‘hi-bye’ situations in the big house of a relative; but I’m thankful for this season that brings me with them. One day I will muster the courage to go beyond ‘hi-bye’s with the extended relatives I fear I’ll miss out on as we reunite. 

And for now, I busk in the happiness of feeling so complete. 



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