Are you listening?


Throw back to mp3 experiment last year, that was possibly one of the last few times I whipped out my earpieces to use in public. From the time my phone started to lag like nobody’s business and have its battery die out every few hours, I stopped using my phone unnecessarily in public. It wasn’t that  I wasn’t tempted- besides, social media and connection to everyone else I was comfortable with was just a few buttons away on the device. It was that I really couldn’t, either because I had too little battery left to waste, or I’d be doubly frustrated by the excruciating wait for the change of screen every time I pressed a button. 

Since then I started to discover the joys of not being in my own world while on public transport- for a start, I was listening- as people had their obnoxious conversations from gossips and complaints to deep and meaningful, I found myself listening. And I was looking, with my eyes less distracted by the flashy rectangle of buttons and icons, I was occupied looking at my surroundings instead, what people were wearing, what their expressions were like and then I was guessing. I don’t mean guessing as in judging and creating judgements or criticisms about them but more like, guessing the stories behind them and what had happened just moments ago, or where exactly they were headed.

Since then I’ve felt more attached to this reality we are all a part of, the busy hustle and bustle that’s part and parcel of our Singaporean Culture now. I’m not saying listening to music or using our devices while in public is a bad thing, I’m just saying maybe sometime you can try that change too and you’ll be surprised because it’s refreshing. 




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