Emotions Do Count


I’ve been pretty occupied with the Imagining Possibilities: Cats in Hats initiative and I promise this is my last post about it before the end of our first recruitment season, ending this January. 

To prepare our volunteers well, the team sees the value in having our volunteers understand the importance of our work and why what we are doing even matters. And so to justify our effort put into this initiative, the team has prepared a Guide for Volunteer Leaders on the WHYs of the project (that you only get to see completely if you sign up as a volunteer at bit.ly/CIHvolunteer) This part of the guide mainly revolves around the importance of emotions. 

Emotions play a vital function in our daily life, it’s the counterpart of ‘reason’ that we rely on to make our decisions. Research has also shown that emotions give us another aspect of information because it provides knowledge on how you would feel or the consequences of decisions that you make; they are tools of unity as people who feel the same way may come together with a bond like no other and emotions also play a vital role in fostering strong bonds because they help to decide how well we create rapport based on how aware we are of emotions involved in the communication. 

What I’m trying to say here, I think, is that emotions do count. Being emotional does not make you weak, nor vulnerable, nor irrelevant, there are the plus sides to being emotionally aware as well. Emotional intelligence has proven to give people greater motivation, esteem and self-regulation habits in doing things because of the versatility and social skills that it’s interwoven with. All the more, emotions is definitely not something we should be trying to run away from or prevent- it is only human to experience emotions.

And hence it is relevant to learn about managing them, and so bit.ly/CIHvolunteer, join us today.


7 thoughts on “Emotions Do Count

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