Keep Changing


It always seems impossible, until it’s done. The things I never knew until I tried are countless, and today I am a stronger person capable for more things. Today as I walked back through the gates of RGS back into the school that has homed me for four years, smiled to the familiar faces and received the warm hugs, I think of how these people have grown from where I first met them. So today I want to talk about how people constantly change while publicising yet again a volunteer opportunity that I started talking about yesterday. 

The different paths we walk along (literally), and the different doors we pass through (also literally), bring us through a new experience everyday and the amount we change from every experience may be subtle and insignificant, but it’s something. Like how I left the Lecture Theatre 1 a student more afraid of JC Chemistry than ever; and like how I left the RGS Gym today feeling slightly better about my fitness. And that slowly cumulates to who we become. The volunteer experiences, all these countless times I have taken part in, have acted as these (now metaphorical) doors that have changed me as I pass through. 

The essence of every volunteer experience for me gives me an avenue to share what I already have and give to others what I have had the chance of experiencing and hoping that they gain as much from it as I have. I have had the privilege to researching and being fascinated by the works of the Room to Read Organisation (; and today I want to share it with you. What I gained really wasn’t so much about the factual knowledge, the numbers and statistics, but the awareness; and together with the awareness came this now stronger sense of empathy. 

And that’s exactly what this volunteer experience will be about- teaching the local primary school students about this sense of empathy and it’s importance. Starting from the basics of recognising and managing their own emotions, you will be part of the mission to cultivate this sense of empathy that will help them look slightly beyond themselves and understand others a little more. Sign up today a, I promise you’ll learn just as much as the kids will yourself, since every experience promises a change.


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