Re: 16yo Tham Sze Rong


Today I’m celebrating the birthday for a very genuine and adventurous 16 year old- Sze Rong. And this picture above is more than half our team who planned a little surprise for her this morning with her new teammates (though that didn’t quite work out because of unforeseen circumstances) 

What I share with today’s princess of the day is more than a team member who’s seen me through ups and downs in 2013, but also a very very true friendship. 

As you read through this post, I have included pictures of us spending time together doing things unrelated to OM and these memories are the ones that make our friendship very special and important to me: 


This is one of the most recent- during the December holidays, she popped by the office I had been working day and night Mondays to Thursdays at to catch up and do some sewing with me. There are people who always claim to ‘want to catch up’ but never really make it happen, but times like this she shows reminds me how important I am to her and I think it’s this beautiful thing she does that makes her a friend you’d really want to keep. And there are also people who don’t really care about what I love when I talk about it (I know because you can tell from the distracted eyes and mindless responses), but she constantly pursues it with me and builds on the happiness my passion brings me. 


And this day during the December Holidays, we ventured on my little decor project together where we redecorated and cleaned up a classroom I volunteer at regularly. She paints beautifully and that is only one fraction of her multiple talents that I respect. This day, she travelled a long way down just to support my cause for that few hours. I appreciate that time so much because it really goes to show how far she’d go to support something she knows someone she cares about, cares about. 

I think in friendship, there’s nothing more important than support that comes this way. 


This picture is a little small but it’s one of the many times we went museum hopping/ cafe hopping together. We share the same thirst for adventure and the love for new knowledge, so to me, I see her a 16 year old who’s still constantly learning, and growing, at a much faster pace than many others her age just because of this undying curiosity. And I have so much confidence in the things she can be capable of everyday because the way I see it, everyday she’s a better person than the day before. (Though no pressure sr) 

I forgot to mention that as she tries to push on all her juniors and batchmates to make them learn and grow better, she pushes herself the hardest. 


This is us at Fabulous Bakerboy sharing some good cake and I want you to meet one of the best bakers I know, and the best baker I know from her batch. She’s practically professional! I want so much for her to pursue all the things she love and be part of all her learning journeys every step of the way. But now as she turns 16, I know I can’t be there for her forever, so this part especially is for her- thanks for the friendship we continue to share as the years go on and I’m glad to celebrate today, the year that I’ve had the privilege to enjoy with you and the year that we have to come. Because of what I know about you today and what I’ve seen you to as of today, I have so much confidence in you and you should too. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going; and you’re one of the toughest I know. 



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