Just Saying

Here’s some music for the night: so today’s JIP Day One wasn’t all excitement, fun and thrills; more like highlighting over and over what to expect in our 2 years of college, and most of it academics and the almighty A levels that appears to govern our lives in a bit. But what was I expecting anyway?

Of course as the top notch junior college in the country, to ‘succeed’ in the Singapore Education System, they’re only doing what they must, while we decide what we can. After all it’s our grade and our lives, and every step of the way the other things we choose to do besides study will be that bonus to celebrate in this experience. Enough of blaming it on the education system or on the deans and teachers- I say, that’s as bad a blame game to play as blaming every failure in life on life.

Let’s enjoy sitting on couches and NOT doing lectures for now; or enjoy listening to deans talk about discipline and NOT how badly we did for class tests at this point. Here’s the first step to doing something about the life you dread (especially if you find it extremely unfortunate to be ‘stuck’ in JIP for another and you’re complaining all day long about the time you’re wasting on this)

I am thankful for what the school is trying to do for us and for having the privilege to receive quality education from the institute many have been vying for since they started studying very hard for their O level many many subjects.


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