Special Occasion


Highlight of the day, besides volunteering for ArtStage Singapore (http://www.artstagesingapore.com/) for my first shift today, I attended RI Open House. I loved the energy and the bustle of activities, I loved the befrienders and the freebies; I think every step of the way, the effort that was put in to welcome the new batch of students and the genuine greetings from the seniors were extremely heartwarming. Now I’m actually a little more excited than scared for this new chapter. 

I’ve shared with some before, that as the two years that apparently go by in a flash begins tomorrow, I have pictured for myself a worst case scenario that I have come to terms with, and if things don’t get any worse than this: 

1 I don’t get into dream CCA runway, or interact, or council

2 I start attending lessons and realise I should have taken PCME (like everyone told me to) instead of PCMH b

3 I don’t make any new friends because rafflesians hate how I don’t relate to half of what they say

4 I lose all my old friends because they hate how I can’t make friends and basically I have no friends

5 I become boring and does nothing but study

6 I get a boyfriend I don’t even like somewhere because I’m too lonely and breaks up right before As 

7 And finally, I fail A levels 

I learned at some point that when you can imagine the worse case scenario, and you can come to terms with it, realise that nothing can get worse and hey, it really isn’t all so bad- you’ll be two times happier with everything from now and you’ll appreciate what you have better as well, because woah it could be so much worse. 

Also the worst case scenario works because you realise how in each day so many things could happen. We tend to realise the things that happen instead of the things that didn’t when they are equally important. On the same day you got home safe, you didn’t get into an accident. (for example) And so when we recognise that everyday we are lucky and everyday the possibilities are infinite, then we learn to make everyday a special occasion and find something to look forward to, to be thankful for or something to celebrate. It’s so easy to find when you realise that you can celebrate things that didn’t actually happen. 

So here’s where my life switches to school gear again and with everyday a special occasion, I hope to make the most out of it. Tomorrow’s special occasion: Back to School (remember to look out for things that don’t happen, not just those that do) 


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