Complain Queen


^ Referring to picture, this is how I feel right now:

I wonder why things that used to work in our heads so simply are all forgotten. When my brother and I used to get into very little fights very quickly and very often, it usually ends with one of us saying “Ugh I tell mummy”  and the other would reply “Complain then complain lo, complain king/queen” The one with the last line wins, because somehow back then, being a “Complain Queen/king” was the worst insult anyone could give and it was terrible to complain.

But today everyone does it as often as they breathe, as if every string of words that come out from their mouths have to point out negative sights and criticism about people and unhappy thoughts about events. Gossip counts as complaining by the way, because more often than not the conclusion is something negative about the person/ people involved.

I think I have a few reasons I don’t like hearing people complain. It is very different from someone just needing an outlet to rant, I mean complaining like finding fault in everything around them and talking about how they wish everything could be better. Feeling unhappy about something is perfectly normal, and needing to let people know how you feel is cool too, but to some extent when you just end up fishing relentlessly for an unlimited list of faults just becomes complaining.

The problem is feeling intense unhappiness makes us very very irrational, emotions themselves are an irrational reaction of our body we sometimes fail to manage. It’s not like feeling cold (you can grab a jacket) or feeling hungry (you can grab a bite). When you’re unhappy or angry, all you feel like grabbing is the person who pissed you off and follow that with something terribly violent and illogical. Complaining is a bad way of managing that emotion because even though you don’t hurt anyone, when you do it long term and it becomes a habit, you turn it into a natural coping mechanism to even the littlest of unhappiness.

Honestly, if you have the time to find faults in something, you have time to logically think about what ways there are to make it better. And if you don’t want enough for it to be better to do something about it, then all the more you have no right to complain about it either- like say if you complained that the classroom was dirty, but you weren’t doing anything about it either, then you have little right to say anything.

If people who didn’t do anything about things was still entitled to yapping on endlessly about why something sucks then this world would be VERY noisy.

Likewise, if you can find everything that is wrong about a person- her hair’s too long, too messy, she’s too proud, he’s too selfish, she’s so bitchy; you have the time to go up to the person and let the person know what you think in a constructive manner too. It is likely that because there are too many people keeping quiet about these things that the person remains this way and I like to believe that no one would want to know that everyone else but her knows she’s a bitch.

Yeah, so stop complaining if you can. Instead, when you’re unhappy with something, take deep breaths and try to think of the logic behind why you felt unhappy about it in the first place and let your intentions of sharing that to be to find a solution to the problem. This solution can’t be found with yapping.


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