O Level Results Release Prep Talk

I really should be sleeping, I wonder what made me click ‘New Post’ on WordPress instead. I think the song above is largely to blame, it’s on infinite loop because I like how love involved “believ(ing) in you”. And as this terribly upbeat song replays, please forgive the following post for being a little incoherent, if it turns out to be.

This is my very own prep talk for O Level Results Release:
Dear Shermaine,

Your Chinese was very good, once upon a time before you entered this secondary school where everyone spoke English and speeches and pledges were no longer in two languages (like in your chinese primary school), and where ‘taking Chinese seriously before Y4’ was anything but cool.

BUT for the past four years, I know better than anyone else that you’ve done your Chinese homework most, if not all the time. Even when no one else bothered to or even when there wasn’t an exam coming up. You wanted to keep your Chinese standard up because you never wanted to let yourself down, and you haven’t.

I am very extremely so proud of you, because against all odds (including the possibility of being the uncool chinese pro), you never stopped living up to what you believed in. And all the hard work that you’ve put in constantly isn’t going to be any less important or less valuable just because your O level certificate says anything but an ‘A’.

Tomorrow it may seem like the most important alphabet in the world, but I promise you, that from the day after onwards, it would only get less important. And one day you will realise, that no part of it really made up who you became over the years. What really affected the person you’ve become over these 4 years, is the hardwork you’ve put in and the determination you’ve possessed.

I respect you a lot and I want you to remember that while receiving the piece of paper with a grade that simply shows what your maximum in those COUPLE OF HOURS ONLY has gotten you. Because exams are so much more about the little factors we tend to ignore like- the state you were in during the exam, before the exam, the kind of practices you’ve done before and how it tallied with the actual examination, the temperature of the hall and the brightness of the lights.

So anyway, well done!


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