100 Happy Days: the arts feature


Hi, how confident are you of being happy for a 100 days in a row? Here’s the challenge before I start babbling on about what I have to say today- http://100happydays.com/; try finding things that make you happy (even the littlest things count) for 100 days in a row and you’ll find yourself consciously are happier person. A consciously happy person is twice as happy as a subconsciously fortunate person. 

I started the challenge and today is my second day- today I celebrate the Downtown line which I was so dubious about before because of its breakdown on the opening day, but machines make mistakes too and it was a beautiful ride, literally. 

Today I tell you the story of how I came to enjoy the arts:

In Primary School I was in Guzheng Ensemble (performing arts) and I was entranced on the day of CCA Orientation, standing before the Guzheng player just watching. That was practically the only booth I visited and signed up at, signing away my 6 years of commitment to playing this beautiful instrument. It was 25 December 2009, when I was Primary 6, and I received my results for the Diploma examination- I failed by a mark. I was devastated and never touched the instrument ever since. (Though I may one day when I’m over this immature tantrum) 

And I have learned piano from the same teacher, attending all her mini performances she organises, performing and listening intently since I was young. (performing arts) 

Then in Secondary School, the number of concerts that was organised and the amount of exposure the school gave us to the realm of performing arts was uncountable- YFC concerts, dance concerts, angklung concerts, handbells concerts, the list goes on. And this was pretty much where I met all the talented people who could, with a pencil and paper, translate all the most beautiful things in their head into visual arts to share with the world. 

And here today, I support the arts completely because the part it has played in my life taught me to look and listen closely to what people had to show me or tell me. I learned to understand the perspectives of others better or feel for others better, I started to find the beauty in the most mind boggling pieces of visual arts (you know the kind where there’s paint splattered everywhere and you’ve no idea what it means). It is, by the way, a bad excuse to say “you can’t appreciate the arts” if you never tried, because arts is a very human discipline you don’t need anything but to be human to be able to try to understand and it’s never too late: 

1 Singapore Art Week 2014 http://www.artweek.sg

2 Volunteer for the Art Apart Fair http://www.artapartfair.com/

(Sign up at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AnueNfG2xMJxdFJUNEdrQkM1NndPYUtWZjVvYmxRZFE&usp=drive_web#gid=0)

And if all that ‘isn’t for you’, you’re welcome to continue being ignorant towards honing the necessary skill of understanding human connection, good bye meanie. 



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