Taking WhyNot Street


Every step of the way, I realise I make choices more often than I think; and these choices come together to make me who I am and make the memories in my head what they are. Every moment I’m making the choice of doing something instead of something else. If making choices were like choosing a path at crossroads, I’d choose WhyNot Street, every time. 

I think I have spent enough time talking myself out of doing something ridiculous just because of the natural human instinct reservations and 10 days into the New Year, I realise it’s one of the things I’d like to do more. In 2013, taking WhyNot Street has brought me to many new places and today I can do many more things than I could yesterday. 

And besides, all the reservations, especially when they come externally from people’s judgement, their thoughts, the look they give you; are all invalid. Because while you go down WhyNot Street, they’re too afraid to follow behind you and continue judging you all the way. They stay on the crossroads, because they’re too afraid to decide. And in a bit, the exciting street you’re walking along takes a small bent, and you’re out of sight, leading an adventure that no one else will experience until they leave behind those reservations, take off those judgmental pair of lenses and decide to blaze that trail. 

Let’s see where #whynotstreet takes me this year. 


P.S. this is actually a real street name in Brisbane haha


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