Because I don’t have pictures for today’s post, here’s a quote for you- It’s not about what it is, it’s about what it becomes. 

I don’t have pictures because I did something really stupid and I wasn’t thinking (which is rare) and I deleted the photos in my camera before importing them. It made me really upset for a while because today’s photos have exceptionally special meanings. 8 January 2014, this day, I found time to meet with two people- both of whom I haven’t spoken to in real life for a whole two years.And today I’d like to talk about two. 

Two is the number of people I prefer to have in a date because when you have two, it’s enough for great company and good quality time. When you have two, it’s like how they say “two is better than one”, because it is- it’s not too little to feel lonely or too much to feel overwhelmed. To me, two is just nice. 

It happens also, to be the number of years I haven’t spoken properly to people I met from lower secondary for (well at least most of them). I think these two years have made us grown up so much more it feels like suddenly, two is a very large number. The people I met in lower secondary made me feel a little confused, and more than a little upset sometimes because I could barely understand. I couldn’t understand the backstabbing and the gossips that came with being two years younger than we are now. But I think now I know about it a little more. 

Today is the day that I see living proof that it takes two to make a friendship work. From two years ago, there has been people who came and went, some left early and never came back while others left late and came back after all. But even through these years, there were those, the most precious, who never went anywhere at all. And time does make us all a little different, it may make the silence between two feel a little different or our laughters may have changed, our humour maybe and especially the way talk, or walk, or look at things or think. But as long as we continue to value the power of two, I’m unafraid that the next time we see each other from our busy schedules is another two years later. 

Till then.


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