At Least


I’ve been a little quiet here since 2014 begun but doing exceptionally bombastic to start the year is overrated- a good start is worth nothing if we end up living the rest of the year the same way we’ve lived every other year. 

And that aside, the bigger reason is because I have fallen a tad sick, I think it’s my body telling me to rest for a bit before the year gets exciting. The first week for 2014 for me was working for my parents for the last couple of days (till next week), having quiet loong hang outs alone in the library (because of the overdue reading that I have decided to immerse myself in) and making visits/gift sending to the people that I love. 

The biggest and most exciting thing I’ve been up to, is my goal for January that will be kept secret till 20 January. 

So instead for now I’d like to share how blessed I feel in every other way. Starting with basics, I am so thankful I am starting the year with a very complete, loving and supportive family, their love gets me through every other year and obstacle. I also feel like I have a bagful of encouragement wherever I go, ready to hand it out to other strong friends I have who aren’t half as fortunate as me to be blessed with such a family. 

And next, I am thankful that this year I’m turning 17. It’s a big deal because every year we get through is a special year we are blessed with growing up. I am glad I’m getting to write my chapter as a 17 year old (some don’t get it, we make too many assumptions by taking it for granted). 

Also, the best part of 2014 is the change in environment. JC, now, seems like a not too far away campus of a whole new lifestyle and let’s hope I don’t lose this spirit of adventure and excitement (that exists when I’m sick, unlike now). Last but not least, I’m thankful for today. Although I’m currently seated in the office, typing with the office Windows7 computer, beside me a couple of files waiting to be organised and the air conditioning really messing with my sore throat, I’d like to start this year learning to appreciate the moments even more. 

Whatever happens tomorrow, at least we’ve had today. 



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