Celebrate 2013


Turn the music up and drop the beat low, sway to the music or let the groove take control. As I checked out of the Esplanade countdown early, I recalled the countdown at Clarke Quay I was at last year and the only constant about every New Year Countdown is the celebration. Because as the clock strikes midnight and as we hug each other wishing one another a ‘Happy New Year’ we celebrate the year that has just past and bravely welcome the next.

It is very much a time for reflection: I think about the kind of learning experiences I’ve been put through this year from OM to studies to work to volunteering, from the letting go of people and things and places to the embracing of new people and things and places. It really is a cycle that continues whether we celebrate the ‘New Year’ or not, but this celebration helps us catch our breaths. I think this is a good time to be thinking of everything that has gone by us in a flash for the past 365.25 days, and smile.

Because while there would definitely have been horrible experiences, embarrassing moments, stressful periods; while there must have been tears, blood, sweat and despair, the important part is that today you’re stronger than you were and the past, can stay in the past as we make our grand entrance into 2014.

Wishing you a brilliant 2014 full of adventure, things that you love and people that love you! As you continue counting down, keep that left foot in the air- just so you start the new year on the right foot. 


3 thoughts on “Celebrate 2013

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