Excuse Me But



There is a difference between reasons and excuses, and the biggest problem about mixing the two is that when I use an excuse for a reason I bring myself into my own little bubble of delusion where I convince myself that doing something is OK. I’m not saying excuses are a no-no all the time, I’m just saying we shouldn’t bring ourselves into our little bubble too often or we may even forget how different it is to be in that bubble and out. 

So here’s 5 most common invalid excuses I’ve used in 2013 that I continue to stand against and try to use less of: 

1 I can do it tomorrow. 

(But I could have done it today too, and this excuse is bad when I use it everyday. It is important for me to remind myself that there is a never-ending number of tomorrows I can procrastinate things to, but the more I use this excuse, the easier it becomes to just blame tomorrow for never coming and then not getting anything done at all) 

2 Someone else will do it.

(But this silly idea of an imaginary someone who’s going to do it isn’t a good reason to not do something because then we will all be waiting for each other and wouldn’t that be productive?)

3 I’m not good enough to try.

(But there’s no requirement to be a try-er and if there’s anyone at a loss for not trying, it’s myself.)

4 No one else is doing it.

(But the number of people doing it have little to do with whether something should be done or not and if I want to, if I believe in it, I should do it for myself and no one else.)

5 I will fail.

(But even if you fail, at least you tried and you learn something new with every experience) 

More here: https://frizzyhairedmusings.wordpress.com/2013/12/04/being-a-slacker-does-not-count-as-doing-your-own-thing-daniel-hilarion-lim/


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