This One’s For Ash

This One's For Ash

This is Ashlynna.

I don’t have enough words to describe the kind of support and motivation she’s been to me for me to have come this far, but I’ll try.

We met through some student leader buddy system thing when I was in Year One and I can only vaguely remember it because I barely remember things so far back, it gets fuzzy after a while especially when I make little record of them. And from the first times I stood alongside her doing daily duties to the spontaneous meetings we managed occasionally afterwards, she never fails to embrace me with more love, encouragement and courage than anyone else.

It is, to me, a privilege like no other to have her company each time because every memory we share together fills me with a kind of drive that speaks to me whenever I feel exhausted or in some kind of despair- it says, ‘You can.’

Other times, it says, ‘This is possible.’ So thanks buddy, for the kind of inspiration and support you have been to me and the company you constantly give me even when you’re not physically with me (considering I’m entering JC as you leave); but I just wanted to say that your energy is beyond magical and I am so thankful for it.


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