For the Last Time

We can all begin our annual countdown to the new year-

Strangely we do it at some point every year, we celebrate the change in a single digit, or sometimes two in the four-digit year count we write down under ‘Date:’. More than that I think we are celebrating the growth and movement, the fact that we are moving on and it seems thanks to Mr. Calendarman (probably a Mayan who created the calendar years we follow today), 364.25 days have become a milestone to celebrate.

This is the time for resolutions, for many lasts that we bid farewell to, and then a series of firsts that we welcome with open arms.

In some ways it scares me, the speed at which time passes because really when you try to recall the same time this year, sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday. It is frightening to know that we have no control over the passing of time and it seems the only consolation is our power over what we do in that time. So to all the lasts that we’re doing, the LAST Friday of 2013, the LAST weekend of 2013 and the LAST time you write those 4 numbers altogether to keep track of when it is; I challenge myself to remember this feeling. Remember it well.

And hopefully as I move on towards 2014, I embrace the new beginnings and firsts with the very same way I treasure these upcoming lasts.


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