Forget No One


Ohana means family, family means no one gets left behind.

This is not just the classic line from the Disney show, it is the first line from our OM food cheer and an idea I relate closely to in some communities I feel like I belong. I enjoy allowing the idea of being a part of something embrace me- wherever I study, wherever I do things that I love, wherever I work and even when I play. I am innately an extrovert which means I supposedly draw energy from interaction with others, which explains most of why I love being a part of any family so much. 

And most of all I like the idea of being unforgotten. There are people who dream of changing the world so that they’d leave an impression in thousands of people’s hearts, a legend before they die, but really there’s no way to avoid human interaction throughout your life and where there is human interaction there’s the chance to leave that impression. Where there’s more than a few people together, there’s a chance for community. I suppose if we treasure every human interaction, which is never too small, the fear of being forgotten would become very much smaller. 

This Christmas, part of the essence of all the giving, I think, is that no one is forgotten in the midst of all the thanking we are doing and the presents we are getting- however small the presents may be. 



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