Hello Thingthings





With Christmas just next week, I’m spending a good amount of time walking aimlessly in between the things I plan out in my day to look at how everyone is spreading this festive season’s spirit of giving in their own special ways. I was part of the Happyness in 5 Movement this week, spreading happyness along the streets of Singapore in small groups of volunteers doing little things to bring unexpected joy to strangers’ days. 

I must say with Giving Tuesday’s lesson on The Strange Thing About Strangers, this experience was addition to my theory that the power of giving unconditionally to another stranger is the most simple yet beautiful and it reminds me how simple human connection can be. We all make it way too complicated. 

On the streets of Orchard road this season, various social initiatives were along the roads besides the commercial ‘sales’ and ‘promotions’ advertisements or flyer-flooding (it’s my new term referring to those who give you unnecessarily excessive amount of flyers at a time DON’T TAKE THEM SAVE THE EARTH). 

I’m not going to give you a spoiler of the lovely things on the streets dedicated to Christmas but let’s just talk about the festive seasons themselves for a bit. I once thought they were silly names we give to days we dedicate to doing things we really could do everyday- like birthdays, we don’t only have to show appreciation to a person that one day, or like Chinese New Year, we shouldn’t have to be reminded to respect our seniors and visit our family only during that period. 

But lately I think I’ve found the part of it I appreciate best- that is, the way these seasons give everyone an opportunity to be creative. Apparently as we grow older, we lose more thingthings (I don’t know their name) in our brain and these thingthings are the ones that make us spontaneous and creative and flexible. As we lose these thingthings, we lose the ability to actively practice creativity and to do so, we have to summon the return of the thingthings. 

These thingthings make us fun. And so I thank these special days for giving us a reason to be creative in the midst of all the busy things we do. It’s truly heartening. 

And while I continue to attempt to understand the true value of this upcoming season of giving, I think that’s one part I’ve learned about it that I love. 



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