To celebrate


Today I feel blessed- suddenly I realised that as I browsed my Facebook newsfeed, they were filled with youths like myself sharing essays, videos and posts of inspiration; I see debates contributing to the intellect of my social life and fun facts being thrown out as statuses. It appears if not our entire generation, a part of which I see on my feed, are living proof that we aren’t the ‘spoilt, angsty, useless generation’ we are sometimes referred to as. A few years ago, I may not have been able to say the same; a few years ago, it would have been thousands of ‘Like my status if you think I’m pretty’ or criticism and insults hurled across Facebook comments. I’m happy to see the youthful generation I am a part of grow up. 

There are many difficult things about growing up. The very fact that we are learning more and being exposed more means there’s more to talk about, to think about, to have opinions about and as there’s more to experience, there’s more that changes our perspectives, and eventually, shapes us. And as some may make us happy and others not so, I’m just glad that we’ve come this far and that the good things still exist (the kindness, the trust, the hope), they may have decreased in number, but it is heartening that it’s still there. 

Yeah just saying, and now that the festive season comes upon us, though I’m confused to some extent about the intentions and meaning behind all that, I know festive seasons at the very least is about celebrating something. And so at now I know I can smile from from the bottom of my heart, celebrating my generation I will continue to be proud of for a very long time.

While possibly observing a celebratory 4 minutes being happy about it, enjoy music by my current favourite local artist (see more living proof):




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