Don’t Friend You


The weekends have been a frenzied load of fun but I’m lazy to narrate the story of it that wouldn’t do justice to the fun and joy I have experienced- hence, I shall not. 

All of a sudden today, I feel like talking about why I find it difficult to trust any relationship besides family, I think a large part of it comes from upbringing. The sudden turning points, or some not so sudden, that I’ve seen my various relationships take at moments usually most unexpected have encouraged me each time to protect myself a little more, devote a little less and basically lose that much more trust in any relationship. 

This is so not fair, to all the amazing people I have yet to meet and spend time with. 

It appears either I’m a largely predictable constant that one feels safe just putting on hold till needed or I’m terribly boring and does not make one feel like connecting with. It is difficult to understand, otherwise, why people come and go while I try to think of what I did wrong. But I suppose when we take it from another perspective, it seems from that other person (changing each time) I came and went too. 

This is why I try to maximise every moment, because discounting any would mean wasting that experience that would never come back. And I guess also this departures and farewells are the ones that make those that stay so much more precious and count a lot more. 

Here, I constantly have to remind myself every person is different, and so is every relationship. This is to me giving every relationship an equal chance. 

On a lighter note, enjoy my favourite pictures over the weekend: I’ll talk about my experiences soon enough.




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