The world is ours to make, every single move is ours to make

As I humbly interject photos of the DIY projects my very excited hands have found their way towards this past one or two weeks, have a good time browsing things that ring a bell in your head or make your eyes squint with curiosity. I think as much as home, couch, sofa, desk, bedcan be very attractive to pass time, getting out of it to have a look at something different could just be a good idea to: Enjoy!


1 BakeOFF for Charity

Details: 15 DEC (Sunday) at 3 Jalan Kledek

BakeOff is a collective idea that marries charity with good food, first initiated in 2011 by food lovers who believe food can (and should!) warm hearts in addition to filling tummies. It has since become an annual gathering where people come together to enjoy yummy bakes for a charitable cause! This year, 30 bakers will whip up scrumptious confections ranging from cakes and macarons to organic whole wheat loaves. Baked goods are redeemed using our redemption cards, available at a small donation of $20 each. There will also be fun fringe activities at the event, including an art showcase and a sale of works from local illustrators!

Make your reservations here:

Find out more at:



Details: 14 DEC (Saturday) at 2-11PM at Lowercase at LASALLE, 1 McNally Street

A pop music festival that champions the vibrancy of young artists by presenting emerging and celebrated artistic talents in Singapore.The first-ever Download Festival at Lowercase will feature vibrant young Singapore artists who grew up on YouTube.  We were curious about the team who are bringing the talent from digital platforms to a physical venue and went backstage to find out more with Josh Quah, organiser of The Download Festival.


3 Tee Shirt Party

Details; 13 DEC (Friday) at Artistry, 17 Jalan Pinang

HOW DOES IT WORK: we’ve found artists, we’ve found a T-Shirt factory, we’ve combined them together. We’ll give you a link (soon!) where you’ll be able to have a look at all the tees, and order whichever you want. All you need to do is choose your size and pay online, and on the party day, you’ll come over to pick up your wonderful order and shake your booty, plus meet the artists. -You can also come to party even if you didn’t buy any shirt, but you will look less cool than the others-

Find out more at:

So here’s how it works, in return for my recommendation, because these happen to be things I WISH I HAD ANOTHER ME TO GO DO TWO THINGS AT A TIME, take photos and share with me or anybody how it goes so that the effect of these events I support with all my heart can get the recognition they deserve while I live my life elsewhere 😥 Have a great weekend!


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