I’m not sorry



It dawns upon me that one of the most common things that I say without wholeheartedly meaning is I’m sorry. I stand by the belief that if you don’t believe in what you say, then it’s meaningless to say it. You can read more here. Yet today I was scrolling through this hilarious series of photos: http://www.viralnova.com/kid-notes/ , I realise as I grew up, I have begun apologising more and more for things I may not necessarily be sorry for. 

For recap’s sake, we apologise because:

1 We acknowledge we have done something we shouldn’t have

2 Feel ultimate remorse, regret and unhappiness over it

3 And want to genuinely express that we have reflected, repented

4 With the intention of trying our best not to do it again. 

Today I realise apologise loosely as long as the situation meets any of the four criterion or if I feel like I have let someone down, not necessarily because I feel like I’ve done something wrong. Or sometimes I say it just because I sense the other party wants to hear it. There are also times when I apologise because I assume it’ll make someone to feel better to know that I have reflected. The problem I see here is that it doesn’t truly reflect that I feel the above four things and because I use it so loosely, it loses significance when I truly truly mean it from the bottom of my heart, that I AM SORRY. 

So to all the times I said I was sorry to people who told me I do too many things for my own good, or I am no longer the person they remembered me to be, or sorry to the times I didn’t reply a text message really because I didn’t want to:




Here, I promise myself I’ll only say I am sorry in promise to the person and myself that I truly am and intend to do something to make up for a mistake I acknowledge.



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