What Time Does To Us

The things that happen in time is so inexplicably uncontrollable and as the changes that it causes in us happen without us even noticing, there are days I look back and think about how much I’ve changed with time. At this point, ‘for the better or the worse’ is a difficult question to answer because there’s no better and no worse, there’s just who I am today and who I was before. 


Yesterday I spent a good amount of time with this group of primary schoolmates I haven’t met for the longest time ever, and as we meet each other for the first time in four years, it’s hard to imagine how much each of us has been through to change and grow so much. Time really does things to you. 

I wonder what I’d be like in 10 years, there’s no real way to predict. But I suppose this part of my life I’m living right now will become a fragment of my memory I would look back at and miss one day- miss being this young or this obnoxious. I mean, right now, I can’t look back at my primary school self without smiling at all the stupid things I did or feel confused about how I managed such a flamboyant and terribly trusting character. 

But as time does these things to us, I am thankful that cosy gatherings where we sit around and try to get to know the new each other, like making friends with each other all over again, are possible. Last night reminds me that there are going to be people who continue to want to connect and understand me each time I change with time. 


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