One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

This weekend I spent most of my time within the compounds of the classroom in which I volunteer weekly tutoring with other dedicated and witty volunteers; this weekend I had the luxury of not just leading this team of enthusiastic volunteers in cleaning and making over the entire classroom, but at the same time managed a therapeutic couple of hours each day with the freedom of allowing my creativity to take control and take me where it wants to. 

I first want to mention that having the opportunity to do so makes me excited to no end. 

In the process, we trashed out many many things that were left there falling apart, collecting dust or occupying unnecessary space that could be better put in use- and that reminded me a lot of spring cleaning every new year. Every year it confuses me how something that seemed so precious before could turn into trash in my eyes as time went by; and I wonder also of the vice versa- I can never understand how people would waste good craftwork tools or ruin good fabric because they don’t see the potential and value of it. I don’t suppose time should compromise the value and potential of anything since there’s always a use for something, it’s how we look at it. 

But then again, the thing that makes us all special is that special eye that sees particularly more value for some things over others. My experience in OM and terribly obsessive love for handicraft has taught me to transform trash into treasure with craft skills that are easy to learn and work magic.(so if anyone has cloth or accessories they intend to trash, they may throw them in my direction and I would welcome them with open arms). And knowing the possible value for things that appear like trash to me (even if I can’t relate to it exactly), I try to find the people who would see them as treasure and give these things a second life.  




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