Strangers’ Reunion

There’s a place down Kampong Bahru Road where a cafe called ‘Strangers’ Reunion’ lies, it’s been getting pretty popular lately so in my visit today there was actually a queue to enter the cafe. The wait was all worthwhile when Linette and I got seats along this corridor near the back of the cafe, the quieter corner of this lively place somehow cheery with laughter through the afternoon. 


While I wish the seats had backrests and the music was a little less loud, I admire the staff for their customer service and efficiency as well as the yummy waffles being served! I tried their specialty cup of magic (you’ll know what I mean when you see their menu) and it wasn’t too magical for me because I’m an ‘ice-blended-sweet-coffee’ lover but it’ll be absolute magic for true coffee and milk lovers! 


And as we talked away the afternoon, people came and gone, and the undying lively atmosphere was one to enjoy. This cafe truly lives up to its name homing many reunions of friends and family. It is beautiful to think that this cafe houses the reunions of so many people each day serving them quality food with quality service and giving their customers who drop by a place to catch up with one another and enjoy each other’s company over good food. 


This is a picture that basically dictates what we both did for almost 3 hours in the cafe after a good load of talking and eating. 


Linette has been my classmate for the past two years, and besides exchanging encouraging notes and thoughtful words, for unknown reasons we never really spent time together and I barely knew anything about her though I always wanted to. But finally today, in this one afternoon of talking and spending time together (and later, lots of walking) I think it’s the most I’ve gotten to know about her in the longest time we’ve spent properly together and I really appreciate that. 

I suppose spending our time at Strangers’ Reunion was pretty apt since despite being put in the same class, we were almost strangers before. I think it’s a pity how out of many many millions of people I could meet, though I am given the privilege to cross paths with some like my classmates, I am unable to full connect, understand and learn about who they are before this privilege leaves me, but I guess we do what we can. 

Mm but that pretty much sums up my experience and thoughts of adventures with Linette and experience at Strangers’ Reunion



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