The Capacity to Do

The Capacity to Do

The capacity of every one of us is limited; and on days like this I find myself exhausted from outdoing myself, from putting myself against challenge after challenge to find out that all these things I thought were impossible just seemed so because they were undone.

And though now the cumulative walking and travelling and running (marathons) or writing thinking planning, oh yes and filing organising typing in the office this holidays- has finally boiled down to this one night as I bid farewell to November in a very very tired state. I don’t regret any bit of it. I don’t mean to sound like a workaholic on the verge of madness because I love feeling like a dead man walking, but what I mean to say is, it’s OK to do all the things you love and be tired, because we have a capacity.

Some people say that when you do what you love, there is a very intangible satisfaction that makes up for all the exhaustion and effort you may be put through. For example, the smiles on the faces of people you serve or say if gaming is your thing, breaking the latest high score, personal best. There is an adrenaline that drives us on.

But that’s a pretty rosy picture, we aren’t robots driving on batteries and we need rest too.

And speaking of capacities of us all, I guess it differs for every person. At the Purple Parade, I celebrated that of those with special abilities. I have been involved with these people ever since some of my friends got me volunteering for their CmPS team and I used to be pretty uncomfortable because I didn’t know how to relate, or communicate, I thought of them as so different. But at the parade I was reminded that they really are just like us, trying so hard to outdo themselves and make the most of what they have. And it’s people like them that should inspire and constantly remind us to work hard for ourselves and let nobody prove you’re worth less than you deserve.

Today at the standard chartered marathon, there were people with physical disabilities working hard in the 10km race and the amount of respect the sight of their perseverance overwhelmed me so much, and encouraged me to run harder. With that kind of willpower, they are truly capable of so much, even more than we, the physically abled, are.


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