Are you one for the arts?

Question for the day: are you one for the arts? and free stuff? 

Over the past few weeks I have gone for at least 3 free exhibitions (and one more possibly this Friday or the next) excluding the permanent exhibitions in various museums; each one breathtaking and thought-provoking. Visual arts used to be something I struggled with, I couldn’t understand however long I stared at it. Till today, after trying and trying and looking at so many pieces of art works hanging in numerous galleries, some art pieces still leave thinking what?! But nevertheless, I have learned that much of it is up to interpretation, and therein lies the beauty. 

So here I share with you more about the art exhibitions I have gone for in the past few weeks in chronological order:

1 Pinacotheque De Paris


There’s no photography allowed on this one so here’s all the pictures I’ve got. Free for many school students in Singapore, the exhibition is brought all the way from a private museum in Paris containing art works by many ardent collectors. Here I quote the website, “The museum in Singapore will mirror that of France, a fine art museum known for its critically acclaimed exhibitions that celebrate transversality and the dialogue between different works of art. The Pinacothèque de Paris has displayed some of the most prestigious works of art in the world in its gallery spaces.” The exhibit lies within Fort Canning Centre that is open to all so catch it before 31 December

More at:


2 The Little Black Jacket Exhibition

The revisiting of Chanel’s classic through the photography of Karl Lagerfeld is utterly magnificent. Standing within the Art Science Museum only few free exhibitions, it felt like the exhibit had taken out all the pages of the a very thick fashion magazine to die for. Photography was allowed so here I can share the above pictures with you, but it’s still best to go have a look for yourself before January 1, 2014

More at:


3 Excess, an exhibition

The art plural gallery has free admission, located along 36-38 Armenian Street, it houses some of the most interesting exhibits I’ve seen and I truly enjoyed the three I’ve seen today, you can find out more about them at their website. my favourite was the one on the Third Floor where Fu Lei celebrates the excess of sensuality and desire conveyed through massive bodies’ volumes and flesh disproportions. It was really uncomfortable at first but I had a lot to think about while admiring his works of art. Here I quote, ‘Abundance triggers a poetic overflow sometimes slipping away from the flame as if pointing out boarders of another reality’. Really hope if you’re one for the arts, you’d find time to go check it out.



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