Spirit of the Problem


Last night I had a dream, that I was doing an OM spontaneous problem, I forgot what the problem was but I remember the look on my face and the rush of adrenaline. Let me tell you about OM spon. 

There are many things we say about spontaneous; it is supposed to be an extremely fun part of the competition where you go into a room of judges and under high stress levels perform a task demanded of you, one that is usually ridiculous such as building a structure out of impossible items or making up a story about something ridiculous. To make us used to doing silly things like this spontaneously, ironically, we practise. Actually, we train. We have spon trainings every holiday and practices every time we meet, until sometimes it becomes a chore. 

But it is only now as I leave OM that I realise how much this has taught me. The spirit of the OM spon is to try and no matter what goes wrong, we laugh. Lastly, no matter what kind of stupid responses you give, at the end you have to believe in it. So there goes, I realise this is what has shaped the things I do since a time I can’t remember anymore. As I look through the photos of what I’ve done since the holiday started, going backwards, I realise how this spirit of OM has been shining through everything I do, and for that I’m thankful. 

And whilst I continue my holidays doing all the things I love from hopping from place to place including libraries, museums, cafes, flea markets; enjoying RGS company and productions; attending birthday parties (and wishing I went for Wang’s surprise birthday party today); reading about things I love; sewing, knitting, crocheting, exploring my new machine; and pursuing causes of my passion, I promise I’ll continue to share them here so stay tuned!


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