Same Time Last Year

Today was the kind of day when doing nothing could drain energy and saying nothing could cause mood swings, if you know what I mean. And it was the kind of day that nothing around me could better my mood, the lens I saw through that affected my perspectives to see most things as beautiful was not as effective. Usually on such days I find myself in bed till 10AM, at least, waking up with a breakfast I feel like eating and everything done around the house for that day would all fall under the category of ‘lazing’. 

Yet at 9AM I reported to Ulu Pandan Community Centre for a River Safari trip with the kids I’ve been volunteering with for a month now, I mentioned them once. And the trip to the River Safari brought back a whole lot of memories because the same time last year I was here too, with a different bunch of children. 


Same time last year, I had just entered Brilliant Student Care for about a month or so- their holiday programmes started everyday was tuition, play, eat, outing to library/swimming pool/ playground, movie, dinner, home- something like that. This very brilliant student care (really brilliant, indeed) continue to bring so many children together and guide them in being shaped into amazing people throughout their childhoods. Last year somewhere in the holidays, I also shared this sleepover at the zoo and a legoland trip with the children. Thus, the nostalgia. 

I often walk in and out of children’s lives. In for 4 years I grew up with a bunch of primary school malay kids in Clementi Family Service Centre, and even after I left I used to be first contact for news of results or asking of questions, but today I don’t hear from them anymore. So I wonder if all this walking in and out really makes a difference. But these are reminders for me- so not knowing how much time I’ll spend with these children or how long our relationship will really last, I give them my all. 



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