Today’s adventure began as I stepped out the door sometime around 1230PM heading out to meet one of the best buddies since primary school for a little trip to Group Therapy Cafe. There I finished reading one more book off the ‘List of History Books I’d like to Read So I Don’t Die Taking PCMH Next Year’ and flipped through three out of the numerous magazines they placed neatly on the shelves.

Here’s what I love about the place:

1 They have a high ceiling, which makes the place feel exceptionally big and spacious, but with the tables and sofas altogether, the place still feels very cosy.


2 The customer service is great!


3 They have a great stash of fashion magazines and they sell handicraft for a very meaning project that support art by Asian Women whom they believe have extremely immense potential that should be recognised! I love anything that supports the arts.


4 They have beautiful photographs hanging from the wall that absolutely make no sense together at all!


5 Yummy food is key


6  Fresh coffee is imperative


So do give this lovely cafe a visit when you can, just google it and you can easily get the address but the area is tricky, read the road maps well. After that well spent 3 hours reading history at the cafe, I headed down to the National Library to look for more good reads:


And National Library’s upper floors are where all the treasure are hidden, spending another period of time of my day there was yet another good decision made. I see myself going back many more times already!


Finally at night I met up with half my OM team for dinner and a little trip round the arcade at bugis!

I think today adds to the kind of days I don’t feel exceptionally tired yet my heart is filled with satisfaction and love from the few hours I spent out in the day so I just wanted to share that feeling with you.



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