Make the world suck less.

Make the world suck less.

There are people who ask me ‘where do you go to do volunteer work’ or ‘how do you find meaningful things to do’; but really meaningful is what we define ourselves and the simplest things could be meaningful to someone else in a way it isn’t to another. So the best way to me, is to think of what would make you most happy- because whatever that is, it has got to also be something that gives you the most satisfaction and from which allow you the greatest joy from giving.

And the contribution doesn’t always have to be monetary and it doesn’t always have to be done in a conventional way; in fact sometimes, the more creative the better! If you really want to do something there’s always a way, so get on google and google away today!

BTW if child literacy is the thing for you, please give me a bit more of your time with this!


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