Let’s Count the Silly Things

Sometimes it dawns upon me that I do a lot of silly things, and a few years down the road they may become stupid.

In Primary 4 I wrote books with my best friend because we always came up with these stories that appeared so so awesome to us we couldn’t do without writing them into our Primary School single-lined exercise books and wrapping them with paper. After which, we’d spend days coming up with a book title and illustrating ‘magnificent’ cover page. You wna know the best part? Within the next couple months as more and more people knew about it, they all wanted to read it. And as our books (note: Books is plural, yes we ‘published’ an entire series HAHA) became increasingly popular we found it a necessity to create a club for it, where we issued our self-created book club CARDS and you only get to read our books if you had a membership. There goes, silly thing number one.

Now that I think of it, I did most of my silly things with my best friend in Primary School. In Primary 3 when we first met, we also came up with stories for every single person in class and one guy, according to our silly stories, was a secret spy from a different dimension, a devil. And worse of all, he was a prefect. So once when he was appointed to ‘keep the class quiet’, he came over to warn to both of us to keep quiet. But NO, we weren’t going to succumb to the commands of the great evil, so we whipped out our matching sharpeners with little metal balls inside that make a tinkling sound when you shake it, and there and then, we did only what we deemed necessary and appropriated- We shook them and chanted. And our names ended up on the board and noted by the teacher, just saying.

I think another person I did the most silly things with was Nicole- I’ve lost count of the number of times we played truant from things we didn’t believe in or did something just because. I can’t divulge too many details here because time has yet to bring us out of danger zone if you get what I mean, so maybe next time.

And the group I can never miss with silly things, is my OM team year after year. For the past two years, my teams have never failed to celebrate every single person’s birthday belated or on time in the most creative ways ever- from moustache parties to canteen surprises. And no one else could’ve convinced me that if we wanted to, a silly thing like knitting a costume entirely out of yarn for the tallest member of the team was a good idea.


Oh yes and we thought it was a good idea to go for a 10-hr dance marathon too


Sometimes in the moment when I think about it, I feel stupid because who spends their time doing so many silly things one after another just because? And the determination I appear to pursue these things often appear ridiculous, sometimes even to myself. But more often than not, in time, these are the things that I remember best and I find myself smiling at the thought of each and every memory.

So here’s to the latest silly thing I did: 50CANS CAMPAIGN [By my own means, found 50 cans to recycle and supported the 50 CANS campaign on dosomething.org]



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