Sometimes you think life is being unfair, but just what have you done to deserve your share?

This was a little performance by some indie punk rocker at the 3rd National Kindness Conference that I thought I’d like to share because I’m sure playing a guitar, harmonica and singing all at the same time is no easy feat and such talent should be appreciated.

Quoting from Phionna’s favourite line of the song: sometimes you think life is being unfair, but just what have you done to deserve your share? And so I thought I’d share the last time I felt like life was immensely unfair; and because I don’t want to use names or real life stories, I’d use a very very vague reference and you can use your imagination to fill in the gaps:

I think when I reflect on the friendships that mean so much to me, I’m not sure why while I try my best to devote everything I’ve got and commit myself to being part of someone’s life, I tend to lose it in the end and these relationships don’t always last. I have very idealistic views about friends and I think highly of what my friends are capable of. I think it’s safe to say that if I call you my friend, I’d be there for you whenever you need me and I’ve always got your back no matter what happens. And you can sincerely genuinely really count on that. Why is it then, that this genuine care I try so hard to give to others often in return gets taken advantage of, or used against me.

It hurts me a lot and why it happens, I can’t quite understand.


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