Very Happy Woman

Checking in on a Friday morning because Fridays are my only weekday off-days from the admin job I’ve taken up in a construction firm affiliated with my parents. The job is extremely tiring and tedious because of all the numbers and calculation (accounting), filing and organising that it requires. My jobscope also includes picking up calls and attending to people who come by the door. So sitting at my desk this couple of days I barely take a few minutes off doing work and I’m always typing, if not on the computer, on the calculator.

Enough of sneak peek into my current job, this morning I woke up to my sweet sounding alarm which I also used at OM Worlds so with the sound associated to something so important I always wake up. But today was different, it was one of those days you wake up and turn off the alarm to go back to sleep as if that was what an alarm was for. So I did it, and ended up waking up 15 minutes before my piano lesson actually starts.

I still have lots to do for the rest of the day, so just checking in to say hello and share this video with this very happy woman, she made my day.


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