There’s always something to do


Whoever created weekends really did give everyone a lot to think about and consider; can you imagine the days when structures like 5 weekdays against 2 weekends didn’t exist and everyone just went on with days without having to keep track of time? Was it better then considering they didn’t have to plan and make appointments or rush here and there. Here in the 21st century, there are some who complain about there being too little time yet on the weekends where this structure has bestowed upon us two free days with no school/work commitments and it’s completely up to us to decide how to spend it, we sometimes end up lazing around at home blaming the country to have ‘nothing to do’.

I hope this will change your mind.

[Starring pictures by Swan and Li Yin from last weekend @Jac’s]


1 Open Saturday by Asian Civilisations Museum

Not enough people are giving attention to these beautiful museums we have in Singapore standing as tall and strongly as they can as memories of our past collecting and preserving something so precious. To attract more Singaporeans to get interested and come by for a bit, they are now having FREE events! Do patronise them for a bit this Saturday.

Find out more about the exciting programmes lined up here:

2 Pinacotheque de Paris: The Art of Collecting

Welcoming this amazing museum and its exhibits to our country! Frenchies out there should definitely hang out there and immerse in its beauty for a bit. Another museum for your eye’s pleasure. You don’t have to get it, but trying and appreciating the works of artists and what they’re trying to express through their works is a start.

Find out more here:

3 Ice Cream Junkie @ Orchard

This is a new ice cream store down orchard road that I saw today! I’ll absolutely be checking out these above three places tomorrow so I’d love to see you there!


And if you’re one for the volunteer work, please do read my post about Room to Read earlier and help me spread the word as well. Or if that isn’t for you, here’s some updates I received from VolunteerNow Newsletter:

1 Pathlight Holiday Enrichment Proggrammes

The annual holiday enrichment programme is back! If you are looking for a meaningful way to spend your holiday, this is it! Events including Sports&Fun Camp, Learn to Ride, Golf appreciation and more! Check the sign up form for more details!

Sign up at:

2 SK Basic’s Got Talent

Seng Kang BASIC – The 5-6 minute performance follows the concept of the famous TV show. There will be 3 components of the skit: The emcee (1 person), The judges (3-4 people), The contestants (3 singles/ pairs/ groups). We have given the children (aged 7- 14 years old) a brief overview of the skit, and they are supposed to come up with short and interesting items to perform. Some have mentioned magic shows, guitar/ singing pieces and dance items. We will be holding auditions for the different components of the skit come this Monday.

Sign up at:



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