If the world didn’t suck, we’d all fall off

If life didn’t suck, we’d all fall off

As I celebrate my first 10,000 hits on my wordpress, I want to talk about the things that I keep to myself. As a selfish human being by nature I naturally think it’s a better idea to keep something for myself, anything because I can always give myself a good reason to like, ‘Let me hold onto this just in case I need it later’, ‘I don’t think I can trust him/her with this let me just have it’, ‘I don’t think anyone else deserves it more than me, this is mine‘. But it occurs to me now that these dumb thoughts have to go.

A couple of weeks or months ago, my good friend Swan entrusted me with her dress for FAM and gave me the opportunity to work on her dress with her and make it our creation for her big night! And then earlier back, Sherbs asked me to go cloth shopping with her to find the materials to the idea in her head. These little amounts of trust being given to me were opportunities that not just made my days very much more pleasant, allowed me to strike off a few more things off the bucket list in my head, and definitely gave my little self esteem a very comfortable feeling. I’m not sure if they know that the time and trust they gave me meant so much but here goes.

So we often think that keeping things to ourselves is a good idea, not just intangible things like love, trust and devotion but especially the physical ones like a sweet or exam notes or a small gift. I realise that buying myself my favourite drink doesn’t feel and taste even half as nice as the same drink bought and given to me by someone else. But it’s hard, to climb over this subconscious barrier of how keeping things to ourselves is a good idea.

Because giving things out, especially the intangible ones, make us feel vulnerable and they seem so precious to us in that moment and mostly because sometimes when you give too much out you realise your life’s a mess. But I guess that’s what makes giving that something out twice as precious and twice as meaningful. So today I give you thanks for reading, thanks for your time and here’s a quote that I got from a post-it lying on my table that I thought maybe I shouldn’t keep to myself.



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