The Most Beautiful Thing

Listen to the tunes that I’ve been replaying, they’re beautiful to my ears. Today I want to tell you about something breathtakingly beautiful, better than the 25 most beautiful sunsets in the world ( or the top model in history whoever that is. 11/11 marks the anniversary of my parents’ wedding and this year is their 25th, excluding the 4 years they waited before getting married upon engagement.

The amount of ups and downs that their relationship has survived can only be imagined- from the times they struggled to feed themselves and their three children to this day where they work together everyday keeping my father’s business alive and breathing. It wasn’t all sunshine and roses everyday, they don’t profess their love to each other all the time nor hug and say cheesy things frequently. But this silent, strong feeling they have for each other has been the living proof to me that the love that everyone says is unachievable and impossible, actually exists.

They remind me though, that love is not as simple as we make it sound like in our heads, and it isn’t something you can just profess or say or think; you have to act on it. It is the belief and trust that two people share, the knowledge that they can count on each other no matter what to the point where that’s enough. In this world where you can barely trust another because of the unpredictable human nature, to find one you can completely bare your soul to with no disguises, is a miracle in itself. Much less withstand the test of time while time bends and changes people it takes something more than the understanding or concern to accept and embrace the change in the one you love.

I don’t know if I’ll ever find anyone I can relate to in that way or one who devotes himself equally as I do in a relationship that we both cherish together, but I am fortunate to have the reminder that I can believe without feeling like a wishful delusional dreamer. And as my parents stand as living proof (or I stand as theirs); I believe in the existence of profound love that truly can’t be measured with wealth or superficial appearances.


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