Gigs101: Music to my ears

20131110_131307    20131110_134356

As today marked the end of Singapore Writer’s Festival, I’d like to first share two of my favourite bands that performed over the course of the festival. Gigs by independent bands that just come together and play music out of passion and friendship are the ones with the most genuine emotions flowing through every rhythm and tune. So I absolutely love watching them being given any stage to perform because the kind of happiness you see in their faces, engrossed solely in their music, performing what they love before a crowd however big or small, is priceless.

1 The Gladstones
Watch them here: (at SWF); (Youtube Channel)
Support them here:!shows/c1qf1

This is my favourite performance by them mostly because the whistling was refreshing and if only you could see their dedication to the song. It was touching.

2 Gentle Bones
Watch him here:
Support him here:

This guy really captivated me with his beautiful music just with voice and guitar acoustic the live performance was the most memorable of the performances I’ve watched. I’d possibly upload videos of his performance at SWF in the next posts!

Be sure to check these talented performers out and enjoy their music for a bit!

Next, before I go on to post a long rambling about how much thought this festival has put into my head with the past four intensive days of attending panels after panels and meet-the-author sessions before the final closing debate tonight; I feel the need to recommend all these things that deserve to be recognised and patronised so check out books you love and order them from BOOKTIQUE today!


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