Over the past few days, I have been asked this at least 5 times, and counting so I thought I’d talk about it here so that people can stop asking and so that it can stand as a reminder to myself in case I feel empty on the evening of 13 November 2013. 

FAM has been something to look forward to for a while because I’ve always dreamed of making my own dress, busking in my own idea of feeling beautiful and confident, spending a memorable night with the people I care about before we finally step through the scary gates of JC. And that idea still stood until a conversation with my mom ended with, “Why are your things always so expensive? Must you really go?” My mom knows my wants and needs best, she knows how to tell when I’ve thought something through and is the first to respect my decision; so when a mom like that asks you a question like that, you know you’re possibly making a mistake. 

That got me thinking for a bit, if all these I wanted really had to be bought with the 75 bucks. I didn’t need to pay 75 bucks for the chance to dress up nor the opportunity to take a thousand photos. Neither did I feel like I had to fork out that amount of money to be allowed to make my own dress. I could make it any time and place anywhere I wanted to and for any occasion. So there, my own reasons for why I wanted to go earlier no longer stood. Not a single one. 

Then all the convincing began and apparently I should go to make the last memories with the RGS girls, to spend time with my closest friends and teachers and for the once in a lifetime opportunity. But I guess all the friends close to heart would find their way to sharing memories with me if it mattered enough to the both of us, even without the price paid and none of those truly close to me would be lost to this thing called graduation or farewell assembly or JC, for that matter. Finally, why am I not getting financial assistance if this is the issue? I guess if I really wanted to go I still wouldn’t want to touch the Support an RGS Girl Fund for this night since it isn’t a necessity and I would find my way around getting the money I need myself, so I suppose in a nutshell, I don’t want to go that much after all. 

BUT to all those who are going, I’m sure it’ll be loads of fun and it’ll truly be a night to remember! I would spend the whole night scrolling through all your beautiful photos and reminiscing my own RGS journey. 



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