The past two weeks or so as school came to an end and O levels came along and then passed us by, I’ve been bringing closure to many things and starting the beginnings to many others and here I’d like to talk about them.

If say our life were really written into a book, mine would have many many chapters. First there’d be big dividers though, because I’d like to talk about People, Values, Places and Things all separately. And the under People, there would be smaller dividers for each person who has really crossed paths with me and made some kind of impact and another divider for those who just passed me by and said at least said hi. Oh yes, and one for those who have truly inspired me and made me who I am. Then the other most complicated one would be Things. Under which, there’d be Scary things, Inspirational things, Serious things and Miscellaneous. All the things would come with reflections, as I always do think about things that happen after all and miscellaneous I guess would be the long long list of things that I did that I may forget after a day or two but I want to take note that I once did it.

And if we could write the ending to our books beforehand, like how we can set down our wills before which, I’d write how my funeral goes because it’s good to start with the end in mind, you know? First the ceremony would consist of three days I think: One for everyone to cry and take turns standing at a podium talking about me and my legacy and cry somemore; One for everyone to sit and watch videos or read about things I’ve done in my life while my body gets donated for medical research; One where everyone stops crying and celebrates my life over dinner and dance, my treat.

It’d be nice if whoever reads this book would then be able to feel what I felt, see what I saw at that very moment. Unfortunately, that’s impossible, even for myself and the most I can do is to keep track of it here and get that pinch of reliving the moment when I read about it or see pictures of it. So here goes, the people I spent my day with:

todaytoday3 todaytoday2 todaytoday


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