The Strength Cards


I chanced upon this yesterday- it’s a deck of cards with colourful graphics and simple words meant to teach young children to recognise their strengths and increase their self confidence. I thought this was worth sharing because so many things in there reminded me of what we were taught to be like growing up but I’m not sure how many of us really grew up to be like that even to today? Can you say some of these things hold true to yourself? Would you even give yourself credit for being all these? And I always wonder how we have allowed things that used to be so simple become so complicated. You know when we say “oh life’s like that” and “life’s unfair” and we blame ‘life’ for everything, sometimes it’s really just us. 

So here’s to sharing the simple things that used to make us allow ourselves to be showered with praises (back in the times when we allowed ourselves to be confident)

There, give yourself a little credit: 


Found any that reflects you yet? 

I think the number of expectations I have in myself increases with my age and that makes it increasingly harder for me to accept compliments. Sometimes when people shower me with compliments, I cringe and I doubt, I’m unsure if I really deserve that comment or I wonder who else has received that same compliments and perhaps deserve it more than me. But it appears I have to stop falling into the trap of comparing so much and come to terms with myself. 

And I don’t think we should live our lives everyday thinking about how we could be better in impossible ways like being prettier, better at something that requires some kind of talent, taller, better with words or not wearing spectacles; and instead give ourselves confidence and credit for the things we’ve worked for like practising an instrument, working out to keep in shape or working for the money that we earn. 

Always remember confidence is sexy. 


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