Hi Juniors, thanks

Since tonight I’m talking about kids,

I think I’d take sometime to give credit to the juniors who have given me inspiration over the recent years and more than that, motivation. The same reason why I think I love being with kids, I love being with juniors (other than the fact that my juniors are not as innocent and impressionable), I think I just love sharing what I know and learning from them what I haven’t.

In no particular order:


Rachel Low (left), Genevieve and Esther Koh (left): Juniors I met from OM who have always been so willing to learn as much as they could with whatever time we spent together.


A bad photo of my juniors from my team this year: The kids I love the most because they’ve given me the most strength and laughter to get by this year than you can ever imagine (And of course with Rachel Koh whom I will talk about one day!


Sze Rong (left), Park (above), Carla (right): My juniors from my team together at We Will Dance- a dance marathon for a good cause. Haha thanks for supporting all the silly things I want to do guys.


 Clarissa (left), Park (below): On Dress Up as An Art Work day- I don’t even know why we were all in my classroom then??!?! But thanks for the times I could await you guys after school dismissed, those really made my day


Andrea: I met Andrea from house comm and we aren’t too close but thanks for all the times you kept me company and just listened to me as I rambled


Xin Hwee: A lovely junior from OM haha we don’t talk much either but watching you perform makes me laugh, thanks for that


Hui Lyi: Our team’s unofficial member thanks to Li-Ann, thanks for trusting me to bring you out on cloth hunt and for the times you made thoughtful remarks in the morning, it drives me on that you remember little things for the seniors (like our exams etc)

juniorsthatshapeme14 juniorsthatshapeme15

Park: There’s so much to say about Park and we have a complete story about how we used to be on loggerheads (we used to right?) and now we can read each other’s minds like books and work together without wanting to rip each other apart. Thanks for the whole year of learning Park, and for all the times spent together in the DnT!


Yay more OM juniors! Team of juniors (left) and Kavya (right)


Amarinda: Haha this is so weird but you’re possibly the only junior I’m close to from CCA, thanks for the support you’ve given me and the driving force for me to attend CCA. (Well at least part of the driving force along with Trish and Wanying and Mengyue)


OM juniors at drama fest! Watching you guys perform makes me the most proud and happy!


Esther: OM junior from my division 2 team and the number of skype calls, study dates and random outings amount to countless of heartfelt memories and thanks for all that company and most supportive words from you.


Yun Yee: Fave junior in the team from last year


Study date before EYAs this year: Sze Rong (left), Genevieve, Esther (right)


Sze Rong: The amount of learning and reflections we do is superrr and infinite, thanks for all the meditation-like peace and soul-searching outings we’ve shared and the kind words that you’ve filled my heart with everytime I felt disheartened or upset.


The day I went to the Philatelic Museum with Esther and Gen for fun!


Adventure to Haji Lane with Gen and Chang (some of the most insane and fun-loving people)


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