Let’s explore the numerous meanings of credit in my life:
Credit as in credit card which I don’t have and would lose control if I did, credit as in the acknowledgement I want for everything that I do, or credit as in the amount of recognition I give people when I say thank you for the part they play in my life. Credit as in the coupons that come out of the arcade games when you do well (but you can never get enough to claim anything ugh) and credits as in the string of names that come after a movie.

When I was working in a student care centre, credit was a chop with a teacher’s signature on it in the little black books of every student. And with these credits they get to go out and play, get priority in certain things basically a reward. And how they get these credits? Every single credit is earned by themselves through doing their homework, being respectful or taking initiative in helping a teacher. Being responsible for themselves is the overarching idea behind every credit that they earn.

And the excitement and satisfaction you see in these children when they receive these credits, I cannot use words to describe. I once watched a video: where scientists prove that the secret happiness is gratitude but I also read somewhere else that we tend to take credit for ourselves more than we give others because it’s of course easier to stand in our own shoes.

So I have decided that one by one amongst my blog posts I will continue to thank people and experiences that have helped me become who I am today or brought a smile to my face anytime, because receiving credit given to you by someone else besides yourself should go a long way.

For now I’ll start with credit to Li Yin’s camera, which photos like the one above I always adore for capturing the moments that we share.


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